Why Jenni Relays

This will be my first year doing the Relay for Life since high school. I have chosen to Relay this year to help raise money to fight cancer and for hope... hope that one day everyone can celebrate more birthdays.

I am walking in honor of my Grandma Rembisz who passed away from liver cancer in 1996. This was the first personal attack of cancer affecting my family and it was heartbreaking. Cancer took my Grandmother away from me well before I ever had a chance to get to know her.

{Grandma & my father, her youngest son}

I am also walking on behalf of my Grandpa Smith who is currently battling with Multiple Myeloma. It has been a long couple years but he is fighting it with strength, courage and laughter that I look up too everyday.

This past year a high school friend of The Pavement Pounder's, Mrs. Christy DePriest Wright, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and is battling it with positivity and strength that amazes me. I am walking on her behalf as well.

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